Conditions of Use of Courtesy Vehicle

  1. The vehicle is loaned gratis and in good faith from normal running expenses (Petrol, Oil, Punctures) - with the exception that should your vehicle be removed from Car Service Brendale during or prior to repairs being completed, a service fee of $30.00 per day will be charged against the Car Service Brendale courtesy vehicle.
  2. Any and all breaches of traffic regulations or parking infringements/fines will be reported to Car Service Brendale and paid promptly by the user of the courtesy vehicle.
  3. The user will exercise proper care and diligence for the security of the vehicle and will do nothing to jeopardise any and all insurance claims that may arise while the courtesy vehicle is in the user’s care.
  4. The courtesy vehicle is comprehensively insured by Car Service Brendale with a minimum policy excess of $500.00. Drivers under the age of 24 incur an excess of $1200.00. In the event of an accident, loss/theft, the user will complete an accident report form and pay the insurance implied excess prior to uplifting the vehicle.
  5. In the event of a claim declinature due to the user’s fault the user will undertake to reimburse Car Service Brendale any and all costs to reinstate the courtesy vehicle. The user will be responsible for any and all third party property of vehicle claims made against the user.
  6. The user warrants that he/she is a holder of a current full Australian driver's licence (for not less than three years or higher excess may apply) and the licence will be made available for inspection by Car Service Brendale prior to uplifting the courtesy vehicle.
  7. The user will allow no other person/s to operate the courtesy vehicle while it is in their care. Any breach of this clause will void and all insurance cover.
  8. The user will operate the courtesy vehicle only within the greater Brendale area (100 km radius from Car Service Brendale). Permission will be obtained from Car Service Brendale before any user exceeds the limit. Any breaches of this clause will void any and all insurance cover.
  9. Any vehicle malfunctions will be reported immediately to Car Service Brendale.
  10. Courtesy cars are provided free of charge with the exception of fuel. Fuel is charged at $10.00 + GST per day.
  11. No smoking, no food and drinks to be consumed in courtesy vehicle.