Fleet Servicing

Bosch is a global brand with more than 13,000 workshops worldwide. We are known for our quick & thorough car servicing, and quality products. Fleet car services are one of our many specialties.

Scheduling your fleet cars for servicing at Bosch will ensure time is allocated to your vehicles in advance so they can be in and out quickly and without hassle.

Bosch workshops also keep replacement parts in stock. Should anything else be required, there will be no delay getting spare parts, and your fleet vehicles can be back without further interruption to your business schedule.

  • Vehicle Diagnostics
  • Repairs and Servicing
  • Spare parts in stock
  • Courtesy Car Available

Fleet Service Management

The management of fleet car servicing, repairs and maintenance requirements can be quite a tricky job. They require extra attention, and every detail must be kept in check. Your fleet cars can’t afford to be in the workshops with unforeseen problems; your business depends on them.

With Bosch Car Service, we promise to take care of your fleet vehicles to keep them running reliably in excellent condition. Fleet vehicles receive extra attention and a thorough checkup with every service to ensure they are completed on time and eliminate any unforeseen issues.

Priority Service

At Bosch, 90% of the time, we deliver your fleet car servicing on the same day. Businesses that have their fleet vehicles services on a scheduled basis know that we will have time allocated to work on their car, so the works completed as quickly as possible.

We take care of our clients and their needs. If your fleet car is being serviced and you do not have another car, we offer our courtesy car until your fleet vehicle is complete.

Cost Effective

Bosch is a car service brand not just nationwide but globally of 13,000 workshops. When it comes to fleet car service, we make it easy and cost effective with a range of discounts for our business clients. All in all, we work at very cost effective rates and make sure our customers walk out with a smile on their face.

All Bosch Car Services, include safety checks on your car before it leaves our station. One of our supervisor technicians runs over a 10 point safety check on all vehicle systems, engines, parts and interior to make sure the car is safe to drive and eliminate any unforeseen issues.

Bosch cares about you can your safety, and that is why we have made it our responsibility to provide you high-quality car services as per your demands.

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