Enthusiast Car Services

When people talk about exotic cars, the first thing that comes to mind is the fact that they are high maintenance and require a lot of extra attention.

Bosch Car Service is one of the leading car service brands all over the world, and we certainly mastered the techniques of repairing all kinds of vehicles regardless of their brand, model, or category.

Not many workshops offer services for exotic or performance cars, forcing their owners to go to the dealership and accept their high prices and lacking service.

Enthusiast and exotic cars are high maintenance. They are not easily manageable and need frequent checks and servicing to keep them running, but at Bosch, we can take away the hassle with our servicing database, nationwide warranty, regularly trained technicians, specialised equipment, and a variety of Bosch car products.

  • Vehicle Diagnostics
  • Repairs and Servicing
  • Log book servicing
  • Serviced to your manufacturer's specifications

Serviced to your manufacturer's specifications

Exotic cars are far from standard and usually have leading performance technology and mechanics that you won’t find in a regular car. These cars are high on specs and latest features that most other technicians are not qualified or knowledgeable enough to work on.

Bosch Brendale is a trusted franchise, and many car enthusiasts look to us when they need help with their cars. They avoid going to their vehicle’s dealership outlets because of their high price and service. Get a premium service with quality car products.


Being in the automotive industry for above three decades we have picked up quite a lot of different makes and models of cars, and now we can easily work on any vehicle effortlessly. We ensure that all our technicians are frequently trained to remain up to date with the changes in car makers’ technologies and techniques; this helps us provide better professional service to your vehicle in a time efficient manner.

Bosch Car Service is well known and trusted among many clients including car enthusiasts. We have high regards for your vehicle; we take the time and necessary care that your vehicle needs. We use the best quality Bosch car products. We are car enthusiasts as well and lead regular training to ensure work on all cars. People are often reluctant to give their exotic cars for servicing because of the standards of the car. Not every mechanic is skilful enough to service such cars but at Bosch, we assure that you will get the best car service as per your vehicle manufacturer’s specifications.

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