Our workmanship and quality of service is second to none. If your car deserves the best, think of us:

  • Use of best quality spare parts, equipment, and accessories.
  • Repairs and service according to your manufacturers specifications.
  • Your manufacturers warranty will remain valid.
  • 10 point safety check, complementary with all services.

Maintaining Your Warranty

Before 2010, getting your car serviced at any place other than your vehicle dealership would render your warranty invalid. The consumer law passed in 2010 states that a person has the right to employ anyone to repair and maintain their vehicle. Car Service Brendale are certified to service, repair, and maintain your vehicle log book.

Your manufacturer's warranty is a security, and you want to be able to use it should there be any problems with your car. Your vehicle's warranty can still be void if work to your vehicle is not in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications and leads to a fault.

It is our guarantee that your new car’s warranty shall remain protected.

To maintain your warranty, we adhere to the manufacturer's specifications and minimise the extent of alterations done to the mechanics of the vehicle.

Competence You Can Trust

Our workshop is managed and supervised by an expert in the industry with over 25 years experience. We ensure all repairs and services are carried out in accordance with the vehicle manufacturers specifications.

We are fully equipped with a suite of diagnostics machines which are required for proper diagnoses & configuration of the technology used in modern vehicles due to the advanced computerisation of everything in your car these days.

Rick is a great mechanic, really knows his cars, I've been going to him for years if I didn't have time to fix my cars myself, highly recommend!

Jesse Warner

I had my Toyota serviced here, the first time away from dealership. The price was very comparable, the service i received was fantastic. I will definitely be going here in future. Thank you!

Simon Price

Finding a mechanic you can trust is a really hard thing to do in this day and age. Some mechanics can take you for a ride or just don't have the experience necessary to do the best job. These guys go above and beyond and are very reasonably priced.

Simon W

My new Corolla was serviced here recently. The quality and service of work from Rick & his team was fantastic. Would not hesitate to recommend.

Leah Cahill

Rick is a really good and honest mechanic. I have used him for a long time and I have sent many friends to him and they say he is really looked after them. The most honest and cheapest around. Thanks Rick for your honesty and help.

Andrew M