Wheel Alignment

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Your Wheel alignment could be out due to many reasons; it’s so common that we check your vehicle's alignment in all services. Simply bumping into the curb or driving over a pothole could throw out the wheel alignment.

Fully Equipped

We have the latest and best equipment to diagnose quickly and correct your vehicle’s wheel alignment issue. Some of our advanced machines used for wheel alignments are:

  • Wheel balancing machine
  • Tire fitting machine
  • Wheel alignment and calibration equipment

Wheel Alignment

What is a wheel alignment exactly? It is standard automotive maintenance practice to check on the alignment of your vehicle's wheels and that they are set to the manufacturer's specifications.

If your wheels are out of alignment, this will cause premature wear of your tires and suspension components. The wheel alignment has a significant impact on the car’s handling, performance, and safety.

Bosch Advantage

We never compromise on quality, and we stock all leading brands of replacement parts and tires. We deal with all makes and models and have the best quality replacement parts available onsite. Our workshops are maintained upto the standards of our brand name and our workshop procedures take less time to get the car serviced and complete.

Servicing at Bosch is cost-effective and cheaper than your vehicle dealership service centers. Come to Bosch and get your car fixed within no time.

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