Vehicle Service

Bosch Car Service have more than a 160 workshops across Australia. Our workshops are your “one stop shop” for everything your car needs.

Servicing all makes and models including enthusiast cars, prestige cars, and European cars. We have been in the automotive industry for decades and are the experts of car service, maintenance and repairs.

Log book servicing at Bosch Car Service provides excellent value and won’t void your vehicle manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Log Book Servicing
  • Nationwide Warranty
  • Bosch Spare Parts
  • Courtesy Car Available

Log Book Servicing

Log book servicing is specified by your vehicle manufacturer and required to maintain your vehicle's warranty. Due to the exact specifications imposed by your vehicle manufacturer and the warranty implications; new car owners have more concern with log book servicing. Furthermore, new cars have ever more advanced mechanics and computerised features which require specialised equipment and regular training.

We can proudly say that we offer log book servicing on all new vehicles. All of our technicians are professionally trained to stay up to date with the latest makes and models. All of our mechanics are skillful in their field.

Warranty Protection

At Bosch, you don't have to worry about your new car’s warranty. As per the consumer law, new car franchise dealers cannot maintain a monopoly on “log book servicing.” Therefore, your car’s warranty remains safe even after you get a log book service from our workshop.

It is our guarantee that your new car’s warranty shall remain protected.

To maintain your vehicle’s warranty, the workshop that services your car must be following the car maker’s specifications. Bosch manufacture many of the car parts and mechanics that are inside your car. We have all the advanced equipment and diagnostics machines required to service every aspect of your vehicle.

Nationwide Warranty

Besides your manufacturer's warranty, all services and parts by Bosch are covered by our Nationwide warranty program which gives you the freedom to take your car back to any of our 160 locations across Australia should anything be wrong.

Service History Database

Bosch maintains a database of all clients service records. We work systematically, and everything is computerised. Our database history of your car service enhances the resale value of your vehicle and helps you keep track of your car servicing and maintenance records with us.

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