Bosch S4 Automotive Battery

The S4 is an all-around battery focused on mid-size car segment with an average number of electrical devices. The S4 provides dependable power for most vehicle applications.

The S4 is a partner to new-vehicle technology or the customers who just want more.

For Longer Life with Extra Power

A superior option for absolute dependability. The S4 is developed to exceed the demands of the growing medium-sized vehicle sector and the prevalence of advanced equipment it has introduced.

With DVD player, parking distance control, lane-changing warnings, and active suspension systems making their way into the medium vehicle market, the S4 reinforced Outputs have them covered. Further-improved service life is supported by increased warranty for optimal customer peace of mind.

Key Features

*under normal operating conditions

Quick and Reliable Starting

Bosch batteries are designed to operate in all climates.

Recognised for Quality and Innovation

Bosch has more than 80 years of experience in batteries, with extensive knowledge in auto parts and diagnostics.

Extensive Market Coverage

Bosch has a battery for virtually every vehicle and a broad range of equipment. If you need it, Bosch has it.

Top Performers

Bosch passenger car batteries have been recognized as “top performers” by consumer magazines.

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