Manufacturers Warranty

Your Manufacturer's Warranty is Safe With Us

Bosch Car Service Network is one of the largest automotive service networks in the world, with approximately 13,000 partners worldwide, and 160 locations throughout Australia. Our workmanship and quality of our service are second to none.

If your car deserves the best, think of us

Maintaining your Warranty

Before 2010, getting your car serviced at any place other than your vehicle dealership would render your warranty invalid. The consumer law passed in 2010 states that a person has the right to employ anyone to repair and maintain his vehicle. Bosch Brendale is certified to service, repair, and maintain your vehicle log book.

Your manufacturer’s warranty is a security, and you want the be able to use it should there be any problems with your car. Your vehicle’s warranty can still be void if work to your vehicle is not in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications and leads to a fault.

To maintain your warranty, we adhere to the manufacturer’s specifications and minimise the extent of alterations done to the mechanics of the vehicle.

Competence You Can Trust

Each Bosch workshop has a team of experts who are trained to carry out repairs and servicing on all vehicles by the manufacturers specifications.

Nowadays cars are packed with inbuilt computers and software. These features control functions such as brakes, cameras, gears, monitors, entertainment units, etc. Bosch workshops are also equipped with a suite of diagnostics machines which are required for proper diagnoses & configurations of the technology used in modern vehicles.

Original Equipment Bosch Spares

Bosch manufactures spare parts and equipment with these assurances:

  1. Designed to original equipment specifications
  2. Bosch spare parts are compatible with any car.
  3. Be it modern or classic car, we respect the interior and the design and install different parts according to them.

These are some of the ways we make sure that your warranty is safe with us. We have our integrated systems, leave your vehicle with us if you need a courtesy car you can get one at Bosch Brendale and rest assured that we will return your vehicle, repaired, checked for safety and with your manufacturer’s warranty intact.